March 7-9, 2021
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IMUNA International conference

Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Presidents and Directors:

Leadership in a Complex World

The word President brings to mind heads of republican states. But presidents are actually the top managers of diverse organizations: associations, commissions, councils, colleges, NGOs, corporations, institutes, companies... Taking inspiration from works by Parag Khanna (How to rule the world), our theme refers to the fact that geopolitics is a game played by diverse private and public stakeholders. This diversity will be adequately represented in our simulation of the International Labour Organization which preserves the tripartite structure; in Arab League, as political leaders of most Arab states are also powerful CEOs; in the Crisis committee dedicated to conflicts between corporations and judiciary systems. All Committees, including ECOSOC and the Security Council, will ponder topics that are directly related to multilateralism.


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IMUNA has been hosting first-class international MUN conferences in Israel since 2015. JLMUN 2021 is its second edition hosted by the society at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, those this year the conference will be held online.