ECOSOC is one of the principal and most known organs of the UN; it consists of only 54 members at a time; and works according to clear and predictable rules of procedure, including adopting regular resolutions. It deals with issues that directly impact literally everyone on Earth, and it is attractive for students of any course, from engineering to human sciences. As it grants consultative status to countless NGOs around the world, it is probably the most "approachable" UN body, the closest one to ordinary individuals.


Measures to counteract the global economic recession caused by the COVID 19 pandemic

Regulating the spread of misinformation on social media


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Rahel Schwarz


Rahel Schwarz is a law student and research assistant completing her major in EU- and Public International Law at the University of Hamburg. She is currently also coaching her faculty’s Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition-Team. 


When asked to describe MUN, Rahel, who looks back on over 10 university-level conferences across Europe and Israel, will tell you that it is a unique learning experience with an unmatched sense of community and purpose.

Having served as Chair of the Press Corps at JLMUN 2019, she can guarantee that JLMUN is no exception in that regard; she is therefore delighted to return for this edition of JLMUN.


In the wake of the pandemic, ECOSOC will address issues that one would have either not discussed before or that have taken on a new magnitude. These issues inform our reality, they concern each and every one of us. 

Thus, now more than ever, it is vital to take advantage of the opportunities JLMUN offers and to come with an open heart and mind. It is Rahel’s sincere hope that this will enable us to carry out into the world what we will have learned throughout JLMUN and that we will therefore actively create a better tomorrow. 


Together with her esteemed Vice-Chairs, Benevolence and Ori, Rahel will do everything in her power to turn this hope into a reality.

Rahel cannot wait for you to join us this March – here is to a memorable conference!

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Benevolence Mbano is a 26-year-old Zimbabwean woman, who holds a Bachelor's degree of Arts in Law and Politics and International studies from Rhodes university, Grahamstown, South Africa. She is presently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree at the University of South Africa, while actively taking part in community engagement. With over 7 years of MUN experience, having first participated as a delegate and eventually serving as a Secretary-General for Rhodes University MUN, Benny has chaired in various national and international conferences.

Benny as she is fondly called, hopes that by the end of the JLMUN conference, delegates will have gained valuable skills such as public speaking, debating, critical thinking and or dispute resolution. Most of all that they will benefit from an experience in international relations which will enable delegates to view important issues through a new perspective.

She currently serves as the International Partnerships and Public Relations Director at Thrive Opportunities; an organization that disseminates scholarships and opportunities alike to youth across Africa. Benny is very passionate about International relations and her goal is to encourage young people to actively take part in matters involving international relations and to always be aware of the pressing issues affecting the youth.

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Ori Livneh


Hello, my name is Ori Livneh, I am the Head of Logistics at OpenMUN, this is my fourth year in MUN. I have a bachelor degree in political science and international relations from the open university, I am a professional photographer and I am volunteering in several places.

It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to chair with you.