ECOSOC is one of the principal and most known organs of the UN; it consists of only 54 members at a time; and works according to clear and predictable rules of procedure, including adopting regular resolutions. It deals with issues that directly impact literally everyone on Earth, and it is attractive for students of any course, from engineering to human sciences. As it grants consultative status to countless NGOs around the world, it is probably the most "approachable" UN body, the closest one to ordinary individuals.


Measures to counteract the global economic recession caused by the COVID 19 pandemic

Regulating the spread of misinformation on social media



David Schiff


David Schiff is the former Vice President and Academic Advisor of HujiMUN, Hebrew University’s Model UN society. He recently graduated with a BA in International Relations and Communications. He currently works at NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research institute.

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Hailey Fischer


Hailey Fischer, a native of Arizona, pursues her BA in business administration and marketing at the IDC-Herzliya. Throughout her time in university, she has been heavily involved in the IDC Model United Nations Society (IDCMUN), and last year she was the President. In addition, last year she served on the Board of Directors of the Israel Model United Nations Association and was the Secretary-General for IMUNA’s first online national conference ZooMUN 2020. This year, she holds the position of being IMUNA’s Deputy CEO. When not participating in MUN related activities, she is a content writer and plans to go into branding and marketing strategy as a profession. Hailey is looking forward to a fruitful debate and seeing everyone come together in one of the holiest cities in the world.




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