The International Labor organization


Founded in 1919, the ILO precedes the United Nations Organization and, unlike any other institution in the UN System, it has a unique tripartite structure including not only to governments but also employers and workers. Thus, it facilitates dialogue between trade unions and employers in formulating and implementing national policy on social and economic issues as well as labour standards - many of which are taken for granted today even though they seemed “utopian” only two or three generations ago.





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Lazare Benin


Lazare is a Politics and Economics student at University College London and as of next year, he will start a new degree in Law at La Sorbonne, in Paris. His first contact with MUN dates back to his high-school years which he spent both in France and Italy. Ever since he has served in various conferences all over Europe. When he is not doing MUN, he enjoys doing sports (among others handball, table tennis, running), playing Mah-jong,  speaking at length about current affairs, and learning new languages. He is fluent in French, Italian, English (as well as Latin, but probably will never find another speaker) and took up the challenge to learn Mandarin.




Pratham is a 19-year-old student, of psychology and political science at Nagpur University in India. Currently, in his third year of graduation, Pratham's tryst with MUN's has been substantive and overwhelming. Apart from MUN's, Pratham is a writer, orator, multilinguist (being an Indian, of course), and an avid traveler. He is fond of politics, both domestically in India as well as diplomatically. Moreover, in his free time, he loves to play badminton, table tennis, and cricket and is also a passionate dancer at times. His deep-rooted Indian values make him love Indian relics and ways of life. Pratham is also an ambivert by nature but likes to make new friends. He's more than ready to step on the Israeli shores as soon as possible to explore and make new friends.

Dan L.


Hey! I am Dan, I will be your vice-chair. It is complicated to say where I am from but I will explain in a sentence: I was born and attended school in Texas, but I lived in Matamoros, Mexico. I graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in History and Government and now I am finishing my MA in Middle Eastern Studies at Ben Gurion University, located in the south of Israel. Last year I was the Head Academics at Ben Gurion University MUN. In my spare time, I like hiking, scuba diving, reading books, cooking, traveling, and like any true Mexican, I enjoy watching Telenovelas. I am looking forward to being your vice-chair.

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