Legislature committee


Legislature Committee

JLMUN 2020 Legislature Committee is regarded as an advanced level forum, where delegates will have to participate in intense debate, as well as political manoeuvring, within a committee where the political balance of a nation is at stake!


Facing the Challenges of Labour in the Age of Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change


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Noa Rosen


Dear delegates, 

It is my utmost pleasure to be your vice- chair in this conference.  My name is Noa Rosen, I am 21 years old from Israel. I'm currently studying for a dual-major bachelor's degree in chemistry and physics while also studying for a professional translator diploma. In my free time, I love to read and cook. I am extremely excited about working with all of you!

Eran Ben Asher 


Hello Delegates and welcome to JLMUN!  My name is Eran Ben Asher, and I'm your vice-chair in today's Legislature committee. I'm currently finishing my degree in Political Science and Communications at Bar-Ilan University, all while taking part in my society's board. Throughout my time in BARMUN, I've had the chance to participate in various international conferences, most notably in Herzelyia's IDC and TAU, leading up to my vice-chairing at the NATO committee, in yesteryear's only national conference, HAIMUN. This Legislature Committee is a one-of-its-kind special pilot committee, never tried anywhere else, and planned by some of the Israeli Association for MUN's savviest academics. That being said, you can bet that I, just like all of you, am very excited to see how this committee is going to unfold during our five days of debates. In-between studies and MUN, I also enjoy improving my public diplomacy expertise and working my Public Speaking skills through a variety of lectures I hold in numerous Anime and Fantasy cons around Israel. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and hoping that together we'll be able to tackle the issues the future might face us with, especially around Automation, A.I, and Climate Change. 

Shmuel Snyder

Academic Advisor

My name is Shmuel Snyder. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada; and made aliyah about 3 years ago. I have spent time at the University of Toronto and Haifa University and I am currently studying at Bar Ilan University. I joined the Model UN club at Haifa University and was drawn to the engaging atmosphere that it presented. I have been to conferences as a delegate, an Academic Advisor, and as a Vice-Chair. These experiences have given me a very varied view of conferences from different levels and I hope that this will allow me to do the best that I can.

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