Meet the team


Autumn Groat

Secretary General

Autumn is from the United States and is currently studying for her BA in Criminology and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  She has participated in MUN for a few years and is the former president of the society at the Hebrew University. Autumn recognizes the invaluable experiences and skills that MUN can give delegates and leaders alike.  She is honored to be apart of the team for JLMUN 2021 and can't wait to host an amazing conference! 

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Gila bluth

Deputy Secretary General 

Gila Bluth is a second-year MUNer and a third-year student in Bar Ilan University learning towards a BA in English Linguistics and a teaching certificate as well.


She is currently the President of the BarMUN society, and aside from this, holds a position in the Student Council of the university. She feels that the council and Model UN have much in common- Being an environment where sharing ideas and interests, while actively listening to each other with regard to various topics, allows those in a collective body to learn from one another as well as achieve the utmost beneficial results as a whole.


She is excited to see this being put into practice in JLMUN 2021!

See you in JLMUN 2021!




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Maiss Halabi

Media & Marketing Assitant

My name is Maiss and I am 21 years old originally from a small town near Haifa city but currently living in Jerusalem. I am a second-year student majoring in Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I am currently the Vice President of the HujiMUN society and marketing assistant for the JlMUN conference which will be held in March. 

I am very excited and honored to be part of IMUNA. This is an opportunity to do some good and I could have never been happier!

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Anna Vasileva

Undersecretary General of Human Resources

Anna was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where she also went to school and first became a MUN delegate. At the age of 17 she came to Israel to study at Hebrew University, joined HUJIMUN and a year later first joined the board as an academic coach. Now she is a second-year student of psychology & romance studies departments of HUJI as well as HUJIMUN academic advisor. Besides MUN, Anna enjoys learning and teaching languages, traveling, and taking very average photos.

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Samantha Levi

Undersecretary General of Socials & Ceremonies

Samantha Levy, JLMUN's USG of Ceremonies and Socials has been participating in MUN for three years now.  She is BarMUN's society President at Bar Ilan University and was the Vice President of the society the year before.  Samantha is finishing her bachelor's this year (2020) in Political Science and Educational Management and plans to continue to her MBA.  

BarMUN has been a place where she has been granted many opportunities to grow on various levels.  She has been a Secretary-General, USG of Ceremonies and events for multiple conferences, and more.  Due to her involvement in MUN, Samantha was appointed to represent the Israeli youth at the OSCE Youth Forum, hosted in Bratislava.  She looks forward to celebrating an amazing conference with everyone! 

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Omri Hashmonay

Undersecretary General of Academics

Omri Hashmonay recently immigrated to Israel from the United States to complete an international relations and Asian Studies degree at Hebrew University. Last semester he served as the University's MUN society vice president and academic coach, working with the rest of the team to transition their academic material into an online format due to the ongoing pandemic. This year he has served as the BarMUN conference's secretary general, the first such national simulation conducted online. Omri sincerely hopes to see you all "face to face" at JLMUN 2021.

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Abhiraj Goswami

Undersecretary General of Academics

Hailing from the city of Kolkata, in India, Abhiraj Goswami is a recent graduate of Jadavpur University, Department of International Relations, having completed his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. His avid interest in the world of politics and diplomacy was greatly influenced by the existence of model UN conferences and he believes that if pursued honestly, MUNs can really help an individual re-think the prospects that it has to offer for people who wish to be involved in any kind of policy-oriented decision making. Starting out in 2015, he has garnered both national as well as international experience in the field. Abhiraj has gone beyond MUN conferences to pursue his academic interests by having published research papers as well as working with both policy think tanks as well as governmental divisions. He wishes to pursue his master’s degree in international security and looks forward to exploring and covering newer grounds as far as the subject is concerned.