The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is an intergovernmental political and military alliance that is made up of 29 European and North American Member States. Politically, NATO is committed to promoting democracy and cooperation on security-related issues; militarily, it is committed to collective defense and the peaceful resolution of disputes, and moreover has the power to execute crisis-management operations. Founded in 1949, NATO remains one of the key intergovernmental alliances in the field of international relations. We invite you to hone your diplomatic skills in this intermediate-level Committee.


Ukraine's admission to NATO


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Papa Mansour Mouchtar Ba


Mansour is 26 years old. He graduated in Political Science with a focus on Women in Peace and Security. Also graduated in Philosophy of Science with a focus on Cosmology, Free Will, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Technology and Crime in a data driven World. He is also a multi-engine propulsor aircraft Pilot. Originally from Senegal, he has lived in Spain, France in Lyon, and has acquired his international experience with his internship at the United Nations Security Council in New York and at the Harvard World MUN in Madrid, which made him developed his interests in International Relations in order to marry aviation and political science. He is interested in humanitarian aviation where he wants to evolve as ‘’Pilotician’’.  On campus, Mansour has been part of the University Lyon 2 Karate team which made him vice-champion of the academic Karate championship for two consecutive years. He spends his free time reading philosophy, writing, and watching comedy. Mansour looks forward to meeting the delegates, making life-long memories, and engaging in critical conversations at the JLMUN conference, and is committed to serving both the delegates and the missions of JLMUN 2021.


Ioana Alexandra Mogoș


I am Ioana Alexandra Mogoș and I am originally from Bucharest, Romania. I currently study Government at IDC Herzliya and I am proud to be leading the IDC MUN club, having five years of experience in MUN affairs. I am looking forward to being a vice-chair in NATO and I am excited for the enthusiastic delegates that will contribute to solving real-world problems.




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Jegors Krisbergs

Academic Advisor 

My name is Jegors Krisbergs, I am the Academic Advisor for the Security Council and the NATO committees, as well as the Vice-President of the Bar Ilan Model UN society. I am originally from Latvia, but I have made aliyah several years ago, and I am now studying Political Science and Communication at Bar Ilan University. I had originally joined the BarMUN society in order to obtain more experience in public speaking, diplomacy, and debating. Our society did help me achieve those goals, but it also did so much more. I have found wonderful new friends here, learned about leadership, management, and marketing. I have participated in several simulations and once in a conference as a delegate, where I won the best delegate award. I have also been an Academic Advisor for the Arab League committee. I will do my best to ensure that you, as delegates, have the best experience possible during this conference.

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