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The United Nations Security Council is one of the most essential UN bodies, responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security on a global scale, the admission of new member states to the UN, and the approval of changes to the United Nations Charter. Under Article 25 of the Charter, all member states of the United Nations are obligated to comply with the decisions of the Security Council, making it the only organ that can pass a binding resolution. With this comes also a burden which has led the Security Council to become one of the most intense sites of debate and negotiation within the UN. The Security Council is regarded as an intermediate-level forum, where delegates will learn to navigate intense debate and to delicately negotiate within a forum that has 5 veto powers, P-5 caucuses, and much more!


Addressing the Territorial Claims of Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus Around the Eastern Mediterranean

Addressing the Militarization of the South China Sea


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Said Tarik Saglam


Said Tarik Saglam recently graduated from Wuhan University with a Bachelor of Arts. He has served as the Secretary-General of WISMUN (Wuhan University International Students Model United Nations) during the 2019-20 academic year and was also the Vice-President of Wuhan University International Students Union during the same period. Tarik has been to almost 20 MUNs in 4 countries since 2018 and is currently living in Canada.

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Taimur Mansour


I am a 30 years old masters student from Isfya, in the north of Israel. I have a B.A in social work and am doing my M.A in Asian studies, specializing in China.  I have been doing MUN for the past 8 years, beginning in TAUMUN while I was doing my B.A and currently as a member of HAIMUN. In the last several years I have participated in conferences both internationally and locally as a delegate, and this is my first experience vice chairing. 

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Fabio Schapiro


My name is Fabio Schapiro and I am an Alumni of Business Administration at IDC, but with a special passion for the political world and Brazilian Politics. I first experienced MUN in the US during high school and quickly became passionate about it, leading me to join the IDCMUN society, where I was a mentor, came to 9 conferences, and won 3 best delegate awards. Currently, I serve in the IDF's International Cooperation Unit for Latin America and Asia. I hope you all will have fun at this great conference.