Decades after achieving suffrage rights, women in developing and developed societies alike remain far from equal political, social, and economic status of their male counterparts. As of 2020, only a handful of countries have ever had a woman as the Head of State or Head of Government. Of the companies that made up the 2019 Fortune 500 list, only 33 had women CEOs. Additionally, many women who are leaders in the public and private sector alike have had to sacrifice their family lives, unlike their male colleagues. There is still much to do in order to see more women in the roles of Presidents and Directors. 

UN Women sets global standards for gender equality and works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented. One of its five priority areas focuses on Increasing women’s leadership and participation.


The impact of Covid-19 on women's rights (especially domestic violence)

Representations of women in advertising and other media


Aina Patiño


Aina studies Law at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Her interest in law and international relations has led her to participate in the European Youth Parliament for high schoolers. After enrolling in the university, she has joined the UNSA Barcelona association and has represented it in different MUNs around Europe ever since, scoring several awards. In her free time, she enjoys practicing sports, trail running with her dog, reading books, and traveling with her friends to discover new places in cities and villages.

Noor Habib


Noor Habib is 22 years old student majoring in Political Science and the English language and Literature at the University of Haifa. She has been a part of MUN for four consecutive years. The first year she participated as a delegate, the following two years she served as the marketing and social media director in her society, and for this year she is the academic director of her society as well. She is very passionate about international relations and how the world dynamic works, she is even more passionate about women's rights given that she is a woman herself (sense the sarcasm). She is a huge advocate for equality not only for women but to every misrepresented group, and she is very excited to participate in the JLMUN conference of 2021. She is looking forward to meeting all of you and to have fun, even while trying to maintain social distancing.

Dimitra Psychari


Dimitra Psychari comes from Athens, Greece. Having previously studied law in the United Kingdom, she is currently studying Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, hoping to enrol in the Israel Studies Masters programme next year. She first participated in Model UN in High School, and during the last 8 years, she has participated in a large number of conferences, at many different positions. She enjoys MUN because it gave her the chance to meet so many interesting people from many different backgrounds and develop her skills while learning how the different UN organs and regional organizations work. In her free time, she helps different organizations who defend human rights and tackle antisemitism or ableism. She also enjoys playing video games and watching gymnastics.

Yara Khayat

Academic Advisor

Yara Khayat is a 22-year-old, third-year B.A. student at the University of Haifa. Majoring in Political Science and English language and literature. This is her third year as part of the Haifa University Model UN society (HaiMUN). In the first two years, she served as a delegate in her society, and in her third year she will serve as the HR and Conference Director. This is also her second year in IMUNA’s Academic Team. Being part of the UNWomen committee has been very important to her since MUN is the right platform to promote and discuss international issues and conflicts. Gender equality and women’s rights are one of the most important topics on the table, it is crucial to understand and support these values. She is very excited to meet you all and serve as your academic advisor for JLMUN 2021 until then, please stay safe and healthy!